At the end of 2006, ELEPHONE was established in the Asian electronic metropolis of Shenzhen, China. At the outset, Elephone focused on the core areas of R&D, sales and customer service on mobile communication products to provide people around the world with the opportunity to use Chinese phones and to establish a leadership position in the telecomms industry. Now, 8 years later, Elephone employs more than 1,000 people, including hundreds with specialized talents in R&D and engineering. The cultivation and development of HR capital talent is now complete. At present, ELEPHONE has 10 fully operational production lines and powerful capability in both production and research. All of these ensure competitive advantage through the ELEPHONE brand quality. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world, with an annual sales volume in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East exceeding 10,000,000 units.

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"I am very impressed, very fast I would buy it again, The display is brillant, Fast and easy to use, worth every cent, The battery last for so long"

4.7 out of 5

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Hello, my name is Filipe!<br>The mobile just arrived at my location, yet there was some downsizes not about the product, but about the shipping service. I purchased the fastest arrival possible, but unlucky for me it got stuck at custom services, there I had to pay the VAT + extra for DHL to take care of the service with custom (30€ + 37€) making the mobile get overpriced (163€), comparing to the current prices of mobile phones with that specs, or even better in offline shops in my country (example: Xiaomi Note 7 4GB - 170/180€).<br>The mobile phone arrived me with a Screen protector already placed, which was pretty good since there wasn't the extra cost of putting glass protection, yet there wasn't any case for it (I saw some reviews where the case arrived with the mobile) making it a bit unprotected since you can't find any of it in the normal shops, and even online shops I'm having a huge trouble finding it (didn't find any yet).<br>About the mobile now, my first impression when I hold the mobile for the first time was that he was a bit heavy, his design is pretty nice, overall is an attractive mobile. About the software and my impressions about the mobile, my first impression was that he was quite slow, yet after a few minutes working with it, it got faster.<br><br>So overall, I believe it's a good deal of mobile phone if you manage only pay the 90-120€ for it, but after that, I believe there are better choices where you invest your money in a mobile phone.<br><br>(If someone finds where to buy a protective case for it please message me, I kind really need one)
The smartphone become in safety bubble bag just a week when order was created.Easy to work with menu and especially is a android. The plus on android is you can always sell a phone without any trouble in mind for your private information.I got this smatphone because I take one before -s8 withgorilla corner glass. This one have FHD display sistem so all movies will be with clear quality.Ideal for playing games - a big one screen 6.26 inch with No dots or cameras inside.Charger FAST ! Dual nanosimcards!Very satisfied to get this one for this price.
Ottimo prodotto, bello esteticamente e di facile uso, unica pecca non ha la funzione di l'accensione/spegnimento automatico, pertanto se viene impostata una sveglia bisogna lasciare il telefono acceso anche di notte.<br>Sono stata sfortunata con i tempi di attesa in quanto ordinato il 10 Ottobre 2019 sono riuscita ad averlo solo a metà gennaio 2020 dopo ripetuti solleciti; a favore di Gearbest devo dire che a fronte delle richieste di avere informazioni riguardo all'arrivo del telefono ho riscontrato gentilezza e sollecitudine a risolvere il problema e mi è stata anche proposta la soluzione di cambiare modello per avere un telefono in tempi brevi.
this is my favorite watch, I've had it for a year now, it works great. I love to just turn my wrist and it switches on.<br>I've done a few scratches on it from daily use but it is quite durable. wash it by accident a couple of times, never had a problem.<br>the app works OK, however it always keeps in memory so I have to manually closed it after turning of Bluetooth for syncing data. the app is a bit slow transferring the data but overall it has improved in the last year since I started using it.<br>quite happy with the purchase
I had this keyboard for two and a half years so far, so here are some aspects:<br>The keys are a bit loud, but precise and durable.<br>The lighting works great, though would be useful to be able to customize the patterns.<br>Comfort is nothing special, for my next keyboard i would go for a soft armrest.<br><br>Issues: The keyboard sometimes disconnects and reconnects (this takes like a second), but this happens extremely rarely,<br>could be a cable issue.<br><br>Overall for the money, it was a great purchase
When you first get open the box and hold the phone it feels so expensive and premium. Very well built. Would recommend. The only down side I would say it the glass back means this phone slides off EVERYTHING. Put it on our lap and it'll slide off. Even on a flat surface that's ever so slightly tilted. But overall great quality phone.
Great specs for the price. I like the compact size of the phone. (Still it has a big screen)<br>Decent HD+ screen resolution. Great performance, running smooth.<br>It has a fingerprint sensor on the side.<br>Little notch.<br>Android 9.0<br>The package includes a silicon cover.<br><br>Video quality could be better.
i like this product. <br>it is high quality 4k camera<br>i recommend it to yu
Melhor Smartphone que já comprei importado, comprei ele na Black Friday de novembro de 2017 por 600$ com base nas configurações 6gb de ram e 64 gb rom é o melhor da geração, câmera muito boa. Recomendo !
Lädt alle Mediathek Smartphones mit 67xx mit 2, 0 Ampere. Zwar besitze ich noch ein 3 Ampere Ladegerät, möchte aber den Akku nicht mit so höhem Ladestrim quälen. Der effektive Zeitunterschied ist relativ minimal, da ich meist bei 30% nachlade bis ca. 70/80%. Der Preis für ein Original MTK Ladegerät mit PowerPump ist ok.
Excelente telemovel para quem não necessita de um topo de gama. Relação qualidade/preço é excelente para as especificações do equipamento. Além disso, as cores são excepcionais, dando um outro toque de diferenciação ao equipamento, sendo que as fotos não fazem jus à beleza do mesmo.
The Received elephone u pro device is very good and its looks so awesome.<br>but the delivery of this product too late and its arrive in India affer Six Months.
This was a good budget smartphone. Good value for money and overall a good product.<br>The replacements were a little hard to find , but they were good quality.
I really like the smartphone, it has a great price for the quality you get. <br>I definitely recommend it if you want something good for a very low price.
foarte bun telefonul la pretul ce il are.este o alegere inspirata iar nulele firmei ce il produce nu costa la fel de mult ce cele consacrete
Davvero un bel prodotto! Molto veloce e facile da usare<br>Anche le funzionalità conta passi buone.<br>L'app rimane sempre in back ground non da fastidio e non scarica comunque la batteria.<br>Io ho preso cinturino acciaio mi strappa i peli del braccio- sconsiglio.
very happy buyer,item arrived to uk without problems,earlier by time,thank you.will use shop in future and highly recomend
The phone I have bought several years ago. It used to be a great smartphone for the money but now it is probably too old.
ottimo cellulare, purtroppo non si riescono ad avere le batterie sostitutive, comprate in giro ma non compatibili, purtroppo assistenza disastrosa, non riesco neanche a trovare la giusta batteria sostitutiva.
Merci pour tout et à bientôt sur gearbest Vous êtes vraiment imbattable sur la qualité est le prix de vos produits son impeccable merci pour tout l'envoi et très rapide et je vous remercie encore pour tout.
Coming from a one plus 7 pro the performance of this really impressed me. Worth It.
Good design, reliable, durable, enough storage and impressive software.
decent phone, good value. highly recommended brand. great service
excelente producto, buena calidad, llego a tiempo comparado con otro productos de marca este es una buena opción, el precio fascinante, lo recomiendo!
Telemóvel muito bem embalado. Demorou 16 dias para Portugal. Muito satisfeito, boa qualidade geral. Serve para as necessidades. Recomendo
Everything's good, the item is absolutely amazing ! working from the first second, nothing to say. Everything went so good, many thanks.
Everything's good, the item is absolutely amazing ! working from the first second, nothing to say. Everything went so good, many thanks.
Fiquei muito contente com este telefone, uma boa imagem, fluidez e rapidez no processamento, boa fotos.<br><br>Exelente compra! Aconselho
Boa, requer microSD U3 A1 ou melhor, estou usando ela para gravar vídeos na moto.<br>Até agora esta tudo bem, a qualidade e boa também.
Peças adicionas para o meu Elephone muito úteis e tal como anunciado. Fiquei muito contente com a qualidade apresentada.