Experience is driven QCY to be a top manufacturer of bluetooth headsets and headphones. With their own speaker technology, QCY has set themselves apart by delivering crisp audio in compact sizes. A heavy focus on quality testing gives QCY an advantage in bringing durable and functional products to the global market.

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"Really good sound, Dont need to worry about a wire hanging loose, they are soooooooo good!, I was somewhat surprised, Surprisingly great sound!"

4.9 out of 5

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It is actually my very first time to use wireless earphones. I was debating buying between iPod pro and QCY Bluetooth earbuds, and I am glad that I got QCY than iPod pro. Let me share what I have liked about the earbuds so far. I like their ease of use, ease of installation and paring, simple and chic design, and long battery life.
This product is awesome... The connectivity is awesome. It doesn’t take much time to connect to the device. Awesome sound quality and easy to use/pair. The sound and stereo quality is very good and clear. The case is really very good, the colour and design are big bonus as well. I would highly recommend to take this earbuds.
I've been on a quest to find a good set of buds as a backup to my High quality audiophile gear (both cans and buds) to kick around and use while running, at the gym, that are less expensive and I don't have to worry about if something happens to them. Its sound quality is exactly what I want to have. Inexpensive but not cheap.
I never forget this kind of product in my life. The earbuds are really good and looks so cute. It has good sound quality. Easy to connect to the device. Nice choice for backup and long life for battery once I done the full charge. The another thing I really like is its various colors. They are really decent and trendy.
These are really neat earbuds, they look great and sound great also. I must say though I use a lot of earbuds in my every day life from home to work to gym even in the car. So I buy a lot of different ones and these are up there with my favorite. I really like the fact that these earbuds have very attractive colour.
I've tried a lot of wireless earbuds. These are in my top five. I have small ears with the right being smaller than the left so fit has been a real problem for me with most I've tried. This fit right out of the box. I like the sound quality. Definitely worth a try for those looking for a great priced earbud.
Good, functional and reliable for the mobile telephone comms, especially while driving. In short, I got value for the money that I paid. Thanks!
rada mde oke samer omerasa merelemak. hdaf, enedaserz inde radasena dadlemadarld.<br>Top productione 5.
I made several phone calls while speaking through the earbuds and they could hear me clearly.
These great earbuds are surprisingly small for all the insane tech they packed inside.
These wireless earbuds were a very pleasant surprise.
They were super easy to use and to pair with my iPhone.
The sound & stereo quality is very good and clear.
excellent produit<br>je le recommande <br>expédition rapide
Dentro do esperado para esse valor, um bom custo benefício para o produto.
Qualidade áudio muito boa pela faixa de preço.